Infant Observation

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For this assessment I chose to observe my six- month old daughter, Abigail, interacting with her mother, Melissa. Abigail is our third child and Melissa is comfortable with her role as mother. Abigail was born full term and is a healthy baby. All developmental milestones have been reached up until this point. She is a happy baby.
Abigail and her mom began the morning with Abigail getting dressed. She smiled and cooed at her mother as soon as she saw her and was taken out of her crib. Melissa said, “good morning” to her in a pleasant tone and Abigail squealed with delight and began moving her arms and legs in excitement. They hugged for a bit and then Abigail was placed on the bed to have her diaper changed and get dressed. She
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Abigail reacted with pre-language skills of babbling while the music played and Melissa responded back to her sounds. Because Abigail was able to get a response with her actions and sounds, she repeated them demonstrating that she is beginning to understand cause and effect. Clearfield and Nelson (2006) pointed out in their research that mothers were more likely to offer toys to their infants and engage in conventional play which we see Melissa doing during this observation. When Abigail became fussy, mother picked her up from the floor and began to walk her around the house. Melissa continued dialogue with Abigail as they walked. Abigail listened as her mother held her and felt content to be in her arms. She began babbling to Melissa. Melissa engaged her again demonstrating a strong emphasis on language development as well as strengthening the emotional bond between them. Melissa is able to understand Abigail’s needs and respond appropriately strengthening her ability to establish trust with her mother.
Melissa placed Abigail in her high chair as she began to get her cereal ready. Abigail was not happy to be separated from her mother and began crying. Although in the same room, Abigail was no longer being held. Melissa walked over to the high chair while still talking to her stating, “What’s the fussing? I am right here. You are ok.” She handed her a spoon to play with. Abigail immediately grabbed for the spoon. She
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