Infant-Parent Interactions Essay

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Infant-Parent Interactions The baby and the mom are sitting down on the bed, while the mom is feeding the baby a piece of a banana. The baby begins to play with the banana, instead of eating it. The mom then starts to sing with him, and he kind of sings along in his own way, she sits down, and he does too. This shows how he follows what she does. When she sings and claps her hands, the baby smiles and giggles, he then runs to her and hugs her. He then starts walking away, she calls him but he doesn't listen. He wants to be picked up and he is then he points to the pictures in the living room; the mom tells him who they are. The baby wants to go back down to play with the CD's, he easily gets bored and runs away. He sees a pen…show more content…
Child- Father Interactions ** The time is 5:30 p.m. The baby sees the dad and gets exited, and runs to him, he picks him up and the baby is happy. This shows that there is a bond between them. The dad puts the baby down on the bed and shows him the cars on the t.v. The baby watches this and points to the cars. The baby then imitates the sound of a car, he then turns around to look at his dad and goes over by his face and starts hitting it lightly. The dad then grabs the baby's hand and pretends to bite it in a playful manner, the baby giggles. The dad then picks the baby up and starts to throw him up on the air. The baby laughs and enjoys this. The baby sits down next to his dad and watches television with him, it's the baby cartoons. He gets down from the bed and starts to run around the room and play with the t.v. The dad tells him not to touch it, but the baby doesn't listen. The dad picks him up, and gives him a ball; they both begin to play with it, and seem to have a good time. *** The interaction between father and child was loving, and full of physical activities. Comparison and Contrast - The difference between the mother to child, and father to child interaction was that the baby had more emotional activities with the mother and more physical activities with the father. Both the mother and the father have their different ways to have fun with the child while
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