Infant Toddler Observation

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Within this paper 6 scholarly research articles focusing on infant and/or toddler development will be discussed. These articles will cover physical, cognitive, and social or psychosocial development. A 30 minute observation of a 1month old (Willow) and a 13month old (Emmett) will be conversed, with particular focus on physical development including body shape and motor skills, cognitive development, and social development. The information obtained in the observations will be compared to the information obtained from the scholarly articles. The first article explains how music plays a big role in social, physical, thinking and language development. Music quite often provides opportunities to practice patterns, math concepts and thinking…show more content…
A number of individuals feel they obligate a natural sense of child-rearing with “instinctive” impulses in reaction to child actions. Some feel they knowingly or automatically modified child-rearing styles and methods from their individual mothers and fathers or other caregivers Observation: Willow 4 weeks old Willow smiles a lot for a baby of 4 weeks. She lifts her head when lying on her tummy, reacts to sound and gazes at faces. While her vision is not so well she will track things temporarily with her eyes voices oohs and coos. Willow will suck her thumb and or fist, when removed she will whimper and fuss. She will cry to let her Mom know that she is hungry, wet, dirty or uncomfortable. Willow does not move much, mostly involuntary movement. She has not started to explore her surrounds at this point in her development. Willow is learning trust through her parent’s consistent and patient response to her cries. She is quietly alert. Willow can display distress and being content. Willow will respond to her mother’s voice. When her mother’s voice is heard she begins to move her eyes around and respond with little kicks and flailing of her tiny arms. Willow is becoming more sensitive to her surroundings. Her vision and hearing is improving she is noticing more of what 's going on around her. Willows interaction with people, really has no effect on her. She can be passed from person to person with no change in temperament. Emmett is a very active 13
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