Essay on Infant and Toddler Competency Statement

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Competency Standard I To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment Functional Area I: Safety In my center I keep children safe by creating an environment where children gain the knowledge and discipline that allows them to make appropriate choices on their own. Emotional safety is promoted through daily greetings, love rituals and positive reinforcement. Children’s feelings are acknowledged, validated, and appropriate guidance suggested and modeled. I make sure activities are fun, safe and developmentally appropriate. The children are encouraged to make good choices by having discussions, giving lessons, and reading books that talk about safety issues. I comply with all state licensing regulations…show more content…
I have inside gross motor activities such as a climber, beanbags, musical and dance items, and blocks. I have fine motor activities too, such as small and large beads, Legos, dress up dolls, stencils, and chain links. I provide an ample supply of books for the children to look at and read. I allow plenty of time for children to draw and practice writing skills. CS I a As a childcare provider I must ensure quality meals are served to children and that nutrition education is encouraged. I offer a variety of foods for our preschoolers and toddlers. Each meal has whole grain bread, a serving of vegetables, and a serving of fruit, with a meat or meat alternate, and milk is served with each meal. I believe that my menu meets all the requirement for a child’s nutritional needs according to the “National Standards for Child Nutrition Programs” CS 1 b In our childcare center we have a variety of materials placed where children are able to access and reach easily. There are six different learning centers for children to explore. There is a carpet area for circle time, a quiet area with books, an area with blocks and puzzles, an area for painting, writing and coloring to develop fine motor skills, and dress-up and pretend home area i.e. kitchen sets with dishes and pretend food,
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