Infanticide Is Not Only Immoral And Unethical

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In several nations, particularly India and China, the three most dangerous words heard at the birth of a child are “It’s a Girl.” The residents of the two most populous countries in the world share one common notion — boys bring strength, blessings and wealth, while girls are drains on the family’s assets. Placing high value on the lives of boys and low value on the lives of girls results in both infanticide, the killing of infants, and gendercide, the killing of people of a specific sex, in this case girls. Infanticide is not only immoral and unethical, but we are now seeing it’s harmful effects on the current society in both India and China. Through spreading awareness about this problem and promoting equal treatment of sons and daughters, female infanticide will decrease and a new appreciation for daughters will be born. In India, there is a cultural preference for sons because of the nations patriarchal society. If a couple has a daughter, they are expected to pay an expensive dowry of property and money to her husband’s family. As author and activist Rita Banerji describes it, “Dowry and infanticide go hand in hand, when dowry enters a community, everyone becomes greedy for money.” (1) Because of this, it doesn’t matter if you are very poor or very rich, you expect to receive from a dowry, but are also expected to give in a dowry. With each son that a family has, it is a way of getting large amounts of money and property in, while every daughter is a way to…
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