Infection Control in Nursing Home

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Infection control policy and procedures of “facility x” By Sharyn Royal #201006683 In this report I will discuss the policy and procedures at a nursing home. I will be specifically looking at infection control during the course of a medication round. The information contained in this report was gathered in a private nursing home over 2 weeks that for the sake of this essay, be called “facility x” During the medication round there is much time for resident contact, this can be in the form of physical reassurance, assisting with cups, or direct physical contact when applying lotions or eye drops. Any infectious agent transmitted by the contact or droplet route can potentially be transmitted during the medication round. Hand hygiene is…show more content…
This policy worked well. Residents who are infected with MRSA, or similar superbug are treated with standard contact precautions while being given their medications.These include: * Hand wash before going into and leaving the patients room. * Avoid contact with tubes, bedding and surrounding area. * Wear gloves and gown when going into residents room. * Put used gloves and gown in to yellow infectious waste bin, which should be either just inside the room or outside the door before leaving the room. This policy was adhered to most of the time. Some nurses made the decision not to adhere to the policy and procedure regarding contact precautions, presumably because they had decided they would not going to be touching the patient or their surrounding area! As mentioned earlier this is a risky way to behave. At the end of the medication round facility X’s policy and procedures state that the trolley shall be cleared of all items, washed down with alcohol cleaner, cups and spoons washed in hot soapy water and drug chart folder is to be wiped down then everything is to be put back together on the trolley again. This is a sensible task to do after each round, but upon starting the next round it is only clean for a short time before the lack of hand washing contaminates the items on the trolley once more. The trolley has a waste bin attached and is emptied of its disposable
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