Infection Prevention In Healthcare Settings

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Hand hygiene is recognized by infection prevention and control experts as the single most important intervention in decreasing the spread of infection in both healthcare and community settings. Because the hands are vectors for transmission between people as well as inanimate objects such as environmental surfaces (i.e., blood pressure cuffs), it is critical to practice frequent hand hygiene using the traditional soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub as appropriate. The 2009 World Health Guidelines for Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Settings identifies five ways the nosocomial transmission of pathogens from one patient to another via a healthcare worker's hands can occur:
1. Microorganisms must be present on the patient's …show more content…

When using an alcohol-based product, healthcare workers must completely follow the manufacturer's label to ensure that the desired efficacy is reached. Base on my research this article was written by (Written by J. Hudson Garrett Jr., January 09, 2013)
Infection prevention and control is required to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases in all health care settings. Infection prevention and control demands a basic understanding of the epidemiology of diseases; risk factors that increase patient susceptibility to infection; and the practices, procedures and treatments that may result in infections.
Infection control precautions are a set of standard recommendations used to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents from body fluids or environmental surfaces that contain infectious agents.
Stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick: Cover Your Cough, Proper hand hygiene may eliminate nearly half of all cases of foodborne illness and significantly reduce the spread of the common cold and flu. Injection safety, or safe injection practices, refers to the measures taken to perform injections in the safest manner possible for patients, health care providers, and others. I got my information from this website

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