Infectious Disease

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Infectious Disease (Shingles) Tomakio Robinson February 3, 2012 Jessica Grippo HCA/240 Shingles virus which the medical terms use is herpes zoster, which is accompanied by a local rash and pain. Shingles virus usually covers certain areas of the skin encompassing about one to three dermatomes. The dermatome area is supplied by just one single nerve root, shingles is known by blisters superimposed by an aggressive red inflamed base. Shingles virus only occurs on one side of the body, the pain of shingles is very severe and those who have experienced the shingles virus describe shingles as a burning sensation. The area of the body which is affected by shingles virus becomes very sensitive to the touch which is medically known as…show more content…
The treatment for an acute shingles attack has many goals those goals is to reduce pain, discomfort, hasten healing of blisters, and to prevent the spread of shingles. There are several over-the-counter remedies for reducing the pain of the shingles attack. Antiviral drugs such as acyclovir or oral corticosteroids are given to those patients whom are severely suffering with shingles and if the patient is older and maybe at risk for post herpetic neuralgia (PHN). There are alternative treatments that some people use such as herbal treatments which 1s used as an alternative treatment for shingles. According to "Alternative Treatment for Shingles" (2011), “Herbs like artemisia vulgaris, hypericum perforatum, echinacea, scutellaria laterifolia, echinacea and avena sativa are used in treating shingles as alternative treatment” (para. 1). Oatmeal is another effective alternative treatment which will give an effective result to the shingles virus. There are many strategies to control the widespread of shingles. Anyone who is not affected with the shingles virus should stay away from people who have chicken pox if you have never gotten chickenpox before. There are vaccines to prevent anyone from getting chickenpox. This is the best idea for the young and for the elderly who has never had chickenpox. This will help to reduce the risk of catching shingles if you are around someone who has
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