Infectious Diseases And The Epidemic Essay

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Infectious diseases according to the Mariam Webster Dictionary, is “a disease caused by the entrance into the body of organisms (as bacteria, protozoans, fungi, or viruses) which grow and multiply there”. Infectious diseases has been one of the biggest issues facing mankind since the beginning of time. Particularly due to the fact that we will never truly get rid of infectious diseases as a new one seems to appear every few years. From diseases such as the great plague, the H1N1 influenza and more recently, The Ebola virus and the HIV-AIDs epidemic. Ebola was first discovered in humans in 1976 with 2 simultaneous outbreaks. In Nzara, Sudan, and in Yambuku Democratic Republic of Congo. The name Ebola comes from the river which is near Yambuku in Congo. The virus causes a serious illness which could be fatal in untreated as the virus infects the cells of the immune system and the liver. The 2014 outbreak of the disease was the largest and most complex outbreak since the disease was first discovered. The disease spread across boarders in West Africa and largely affected countries such as Sierra Leone and Guinea, which has a lack of infrastructural resources and a weak health care system and that was not prepared for an outbreak of an infectious disease. This proved to be a major problem as the health systems in these West African countries were not able to contain the disease, causing the disease to spread across borders. Ebola, like many infectious diseases, is a zoonotic
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