Infidelity And Its Effects On Society

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It is estimated that infidelity accounts for 20% to 40% of marriages in the United States according (Atkins, Baucom, & Jacobson, 2001). I cannot help but wonder if the percentages are actually higher given the increase in the divorce rate in the United States. Over the last couple of decades it appears that infidelity no longer has the shocking sting that it once generated. However, I would image if you poll the spouses and families of infidelity, their perception would be different. The affects can be traumatizing. Infidelity although a significant issue, seems to be more accepted by Americans these days. As a nation have we become or are we becoming desensitized to infidelity? What message are we sending to our children regarding infidelity? Turn on the Television, read the newspapers, or the internet; infidelity is everywhere, almost daily we hear of a marriage in crisis due to infidelity. As disastrous as infidelity can be to a family, couple, and children, is this now becoming an acceptable mores? I hope the latter is not becoming the case. This paper will discuss factors that possibly contribute to marital or partner infidelity, separation or divorce. Also, discussed will be evidence-based intervention that a marriage and family therapist might use with couples, partners or married dealing with infidelity. The author will able provide a perspective on the affects infidelity.
Infidelity and the consequences
A significant issue in marriage and…
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