Infidelity Causing Marital Breakdown Essay

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There is much debate over whether or not infidelity is the leading issue for marital breakdowns or if it is just another factor. Many may believe that infidelity only occurs in superficial relationships and in the media, but infidelity is right in your own back yard. Emotional infidelity, when put next to physical infidelity can be more painful and hurtful to a marriage, and make things worse because physical is quite often tied in with the emotional infidelity (“Truth about Deception,” n.d.) . If emotional infidelity can make that much of an impact on the marriage it shows how the foundations of marriage can fall apart with signs of conflict and the marriage should not have happened. Infidelity expert Stephany Alexander says “Recent…show more content…
According to Rachel A. Sussman relationship expert each partner needs to take responsibility for the affair if the marriage to be repaired because it is often a couple problem not an individual (n.d.). Common causes for infidelity are: physical desires, emotional desires, and vengeful desires being all couple problems. Individuals may feel sexually dissatisfied, and not have the enjoyment they would hope for from sex with their partner. They could also be feeling emotionally unsatisfied, their spouse may not be giving the individual the intimacy needed, or they could be falling out of love. Simply it could be a vengeful affair, they may have gotten into a dispute and to be spiteful the individual would have an affair as revenge against their spouse (Whittbourne, 2012). Many people believe that infidelity is a single person problem, but it has to be a couples issues in order for the individual to contemplate or follow through with doing it. Moving on, a marriage needs trust to succeed without trust the marriage is not going to last. Infidelity causes trust issues and can obliterate trust in a marriage all together creating an emotional rollercoaster. Many couples thrive on the fact they are able to trust each other and the ones who cannot envy the lucky ones who have that bond. “For many

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