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Out of Control Infidelity. Reasons for cheating, Ways in Which People Cheat, or Is it really that out of control or just actually being discussed more?
Amanda A Northrup
Schiller International University

Cheating seems like it is almost a guaranteed topic of discussion at least once a day. Whether you’re hearing a struggle of someone close to you, hearing about it on the television, or even telling your own personal experience, we hear about it way too often. Cheating can be done in the palm of your hand, just on your cell phone alone. We are surrounded in a social media thriving world which allows you to chat with anyone via email, games, apps, text, and even websites designed for the cheating spouse. The reasons people
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More often than not families try to hide everything possible from their kids when sometimes explaining to them, without all the dramatic detail, can teach the most. To me, I’d rather know what happened and know that it is not something that is accepted but because we are a family and we love each other we choose to work things out, if possible. Without any explanation kids conjure ideas in their heads that end up consuming them which in turn can have a negative effect when they have a family of their own and the same issue arises. Secondly, both men and women work harder, longer hours than ever before. On top of that, to make ends meet, some families end up working completely opposite hours to either get extra money or to work out childcare. When two people rarely see each other, you have a lot of alone time on your hands to either find someone who is awake when you are or someone in general that you can relate to. Just like day shift workers that go to lunch with their coworkers and befriend them, people who work nights do the exact same thing. Overworking yourself can set the tone for exhaustion, vulnerability, and just about anything else that can lead up to finding yourself in someone else’s arms. Lastly, and the most common reason given for cheating, would be lack of intimacy or sex in the relationship. This one seems to be geared more towards men but plenty of women cheat for this reason alone. In the beginning of any relationship it seems that you just can’t
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