Infidelity, a Negative Activity in Facebook

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FACEBOOK INFIDELITY: ILLUSION OR REALITY? “Debbie and John have been dating each other for almost two years. One day when they are having tea time, John leaves his laptop open with his Facebook account on the screen while he goes to the toilet. Debbie unintentionally reads John’s private messages on his Facebook account and she discovers that John has developed a relationship with another person that she does not recognise. In harsh words, he has been cheating on Debbie.” INTRODUCTION Culture is some kind of arts. Dahl’s (2001) argued that culture is dynamic and constantly changing. There are two aspects of culture which are material and non-material. Houses, computers and physical structures are some examples of the material culture while non-material culture is the facts, skills and understanding that you have gained through learning or experience. Other example of this would be the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists such as religious belief. According to Williams (1976), culture is reflected as a way of life, activities, beliefs and customs practised by an individual, a group or a society. They developed themselves from the aspects of intellectuality, spirituality and aesthetically. Seven functions of culture according to Mazrui (1996) are communication, perception, identity, value systems, motivation, stratification and production and consumption. Facebook was launched on the 4th of February by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Recently, the
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