Infidelity and Marriage Therapy Tips

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The latter grouping is usually very receptive to skills work; once capacity to work through the issues within the couple is developed the problems or issues facing the couple tend to create less distress in the relationship or are resolved, although the issue around intimacy tends to be a bit more complicated. When infidelity is thrown into the mix these other issues are typically not seen as the priority by one or both spouses and even discussing these underlying factors can prove difficult as the infidelity typically acts as a contagion.

There are a few general rules of thumb I go over with spouses who are in marital therapy and are struggling with the issue of infidelity. Understand that some of the points below assume a typically ordinary home environment (absence of violence or abuse) and speak to the earlier phases of treatment. Another thing to keep in the back of your mind is that I don't recommend divorce, that's not my call and once a decision is made to go in that direction I view my role in helping the couple as pretty much over. I might recommend separation but that really only comes up when aggression appears to be escalating, there is a history of violence (prior to…
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