Infinitely Shrinking Research Paper

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If the universe is infinitely expanding, does that mean we are infinitely shrinking?

Everyone possesses blissful memories, which are the remedy for difficult times. Sometimes when the cogwheel of life squeaks, I reminisce about happy memories, as if they are vinyl waiting to be played. There is a very recent memory, I think it is perhaps the happiest memory I have, and it presents the most interesting concept which I ponder relentlessly.

It was the beginning of my senior year in high school; the end which brings a new start, like how the death of a star will fragment into materials necessary for the creation of a new star. My best friend Mia planned a road trip to an observatory park in the outskirts of Cleveland. For three hours we exchanged jokes and talked about everything in the car, minutes felt like seconds, in a
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Mia and I found a sizeable hill not far from the plaza, and we settled there with our eyes planted on the night sky.

Possibly it was the most beautiful sight I have ever witnessed. So beautiful, it felt like a gift from mother nature to mankind, so her children can have a source of inspiration. The Milkyway sat in the sky like a patch of soft silk, and all the stars that surrounded the Milky Way glistened like diamonds. It was truly a valuable sight, all the words in poetries, stories, movies, books and more about the galaxy came to life. Never have I been so enchanted.

I wondered, I dreamt and I pondered under the sky. Everything that has occurred, from the stirring of life under water millions of years ago to the one small step for mankind, has occurred on this tiny little rock floating in space with a velocity that could kill. Every mystical dream conceived, every heartbreak, every divine inspiration, every convenience of life we created belongs on the tiny blue marble suspended on a platform that is both mystical and
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