Inflation: Marketing and Unilever Zimbabwe

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Unilever Zimbabwe’s marketing department which is comprised of Customer Marketing Department (CM) and Customer Development Department (CD) is broader, efficient, effective, focused and considered as one of the most powerful country wide according to Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) -2011 Superbrands Awards.

In this study, main focuses is on Unilever Zimbabwe’s Communications Plan and assess it deeply with the use of marketing concepts, ideas, models and theories in the formulation of this plan. Tony Yeshin (1999) defines marketing communications as "the process by which a marketer develops and presents stimuli to a defined target audience with a purpose of eliciting a desired set of responses." Marketing communications are: adverting, sales promotions, personal selling, PR and direct and interactive marketing (Fill, 1999).
Consequently Marketing Communications Plan is the marketing plan which promotional plan incorporates two or more integrated marketing communications mediums aiming to reiterate the same goals and objectives. Marketing Communications Plans are considered by many professionals as an excellent way to effectively communicate with target audience. The development of a cohesive and integrated marketing communications plan demands the adoption of a systematic process to ensure that all dimensions of the plan are carefully and considered (Yeshin, 1998, p. 70). the
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