Inflation and Costco

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PART I COMPANY OVERVIEW-ANALYSIS Perspectives MISSION 1.1. General introduction of Costco Group: 1.1.1. An overview of Costco Group: Costco Wholesale is a global corporation trading in wholesale and retail. This group acts as a chain store includes many members in many parts of the world, under the name Costco Wholesale. It offers customers a firm belief expressed by the provision of a range of products with the brand has been confirmed. With hundreds of locations worldwide, Costco provides customers more choices of goods, in addition to working with a professional attitude, all have created a variety of shopping space and rich. In particular, the Costco warehouse layout and design is a reasonable way to help businesses save costs to…show more content…
1998: Costco opened five locations in Detroit, Michigan on the same day. On e-commerce site offers products, services, and its price. 1999: In Japan, Costco warehouses located in the City of Hisayama. Costco has issued a credit card membership Costco-branded American Express. Sales at an average annual per store reached $ 100 million. August 30, the company officially changed its name to Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco Wholesale Corporation). 2000: 2% reward program has been adopted and this has added value to the operators. Costco began participating in smokeless industry - tourism market. Costco continues to open two locations in Texas - USA. 2001: Costco has consolidated operations in Canada into a new office in Ottawa, Ontario. 2002: Costco began entering Kansas and India, the entry of Costco This will increase the total number of countries engaged to 7 countries. In Puerto Rico, established two warehouses Costco, opened in November 2001. Costco has summarized the last fiscal year with about 40.5 million cardholders and 98,000 employees worldwide. 2003: - In December 2002, the home of Costco opened in Kirkland, WA. - E-Commerce Page has created revenue of up to 226,000,000 USD. - Average annual sales per warehouse is 105,000,000 USD. - Added 24 new locations were opened. 2004: Costco became the 5th largest retailer in the U.S. and ranked 11th in the world. Fortune magazine has selected Costco with position 29

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