Influence Of A Life By Richard Connell And Edgar Allan Poe

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The Influence of a Life
Richard Connell and Edgar Allan Poe, two of the most famous authors at the time, are recognize by the different types of literature they wrote. Several of these pieces are still popular today. In many cases the life of the author can impact the different themes, or the techniques they use in their stories. Richard Connell’s and Edgar Allan Poe’s backgrounds reflects in the writing techniques they used to captivate their audience.
Biography of Richard Connell The famous writer Richard Connell has a background that helps him successfully enter the world of literature. “Richard Connell was born on October 17th 1893 in Duchess County, New York to parents Richard Connell Senior and Mary Connell. Richard Connell Senior was the owner of Poughkeepsie News-Press, which gave leeway into his son’s writing career. Connell was writing as early on as the age of 10, and was able to publish a few works due to the help of his father. By the age of 16, he was an editor for his father’s news-press” (Mangold). Connell’s connections with his father at the News-Press, and the passion of writing sent the writer far at only the age of 10. This allowed him to learn as well as perfect the art of literature for himself. Connell attended Georgetown College, and, soon after his father passed away he went to Harvard University. He became an editor of both the Daily Crimson, and the Harvard Lampoon Magazine, and then later on became a reporter for the New York American. Around

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