Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Behavior

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Introduction Isn’t it amazing how people go to stores planning to purchase a specific product but come out purchasing many products? Or when a person is watching TV and sees an advertisement about a product and instantly decides to buy it? Do these people know that it is all because of advertising? When people see an advertisement, it immediately changes something in their minds; it can result in making decisions about the product. That is the influence of advertising on consumer behavior. Some people think that they are not affected by advertisements, yet they are affected, but they just don’t realize it. Advertising is “a form of communication, which is used to persuade a specific group of people to take some new action” (Ahmed & Ashfaq, 2013, p. 2). Advertising is essential for every company and business in competition seeking to be successful. The main things they focus on are the consumers and their behavior. Although there are many factors influencing consumers’ behavior, advertising has the most impact on it in many ways. Background Advertising mainly focuses on building the brand image, providing information about the products and services, and persuading people into making the decision of buying. Without advertising, people would not know what brand is good and what is not. People would also not be attracted to most of the products, and most importantly, people would not know about new products. Moreover, companies also gain a lot from advertising. Each company has
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