Influence Of Advertising On Modern Culture

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We often don’t realize what goes into our advertisements. Teams of marketing personnel, pages of research, and immense amounts of psychological principles are applied all to get you to buy a product. Advertisements are highly calculated to manipulate the customer and illicit a specific response that causes them to buy a product. The use of psychological principles have been used in advertisements for centuries. Marketing and advertising have developed over time into a complex formula for an effective advertising campaign. Marketers receive more amount of information of their consumers than ever before and it’s important to be aware of how advertisements are targeted towards a consumer. As advertisements become more and more prevalent in society, the content of advertisements becomes increasingly more complexly targeted at individuals to convince them to buy a product. While exploring this topic, I hope to present information that could raise a consumer’s awareness on the extent in which their purchasing decision is based on product marketing rather than it’s quality. In this paper, I will evaluate the extend psychology influences advertising in modern culture. The psychological principles of advertising all stem from advertising’s roots. The history of advertising goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages. Political campaign messages have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia. Wall and rock paintings date back to

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