Influence Of Advertising On The Image Of Beauty Essay

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The Influence of Advertising on The Image Of Beauty Real beauty stems from proper display of respect and stories, which are told and expressed in unique and interesting ways. The more common features and ideals that people use to generalize about and stereotypically distinguish between the different levels of ideal beauty, such as skin color, odor scent, fashion style, height, age, and facial identifications, are not as valuable as the processes behind storytelling and the expressing of courtesy, class, and what lies within. Fred Rogers, the creator and main star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, once stated, “Frankly, there isn 't anyone you couldn 't learn to love once you 've heard their story," revealing how what lies within, is much more significant than what can be seen from the outside (Good Housekeeping). It doesn 't matter how good one looks physically or how nice one dresses, if a person cannot express his or her true thoughts and be respectful and genuine, then that person will most likely receive a lot of hatred and negativity in life. Sadly, because of the constant use and consistent growth of false advertising and devious marketing techniques all over the world, most people lose sight of the true meaning behind the concept of real beauty and easily develop awful addictions revolving around performing unhealthy experiments on their outer and physical appearances in order to fix the things that are already just fine. Advertising tends to usually set the standards
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