Influence Of Communication Between Parents And Their Children

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Influence of communication between parents and their children, and how different parenting styles affect Childhood Development Language and communication are interdependent to one another. Communication influences the way that people think and interact with others, whilst language is used to express thoughts and feelings in order to better the communication between individuals. Therefore it is known that without the use of language, people would be unable to express their feelings which would lead to an extreme lack of communication. In the essay “Morning Yet on Creation Day” Achebe delivers a strong message about the effect of language and communication by stating: “the value of language in facilitating the affairs and transactions of society by enabling its members to pass on their message quickly and exactly” (Acheb, 1975, 49). In the essay, an example arises of a mother who is trying to stop her baby from crying by trying different methods of comforting the child such as feeding him, changing his diaper, and putting him to sleep. Achebe 's article proves that a Mother would not have gone through these hardships if the child simply knew how to communicate (49). To illustrate, this situation would have been simply resolved by the use of language between the Mother and her baby. Similarly, strong communication between parents and children can have very positive influences if done correctly without pressure or the need to control all aspects of the child’s life. Parents
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