Influence Of Developed Nations During The Development Of Post Colonial States

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Topic 1: The Influence of Developed Nations in the Development of Post-Colonial States

Official Development Assistance (ODA) is a combination of loans and grants given to developing nations with the intent of furthering development in those nations. ODA is a crucial means for furthering the development of LDCs, Least Developed Countries. Singapore believes in the importance of ODA and promotes continued support for countries in need.
Singapore recognizes how ODA contributed to the early development of Singapore, and is dedicated to giving back. However, Singapore is a small nation with limited resources, and cannot provide the same level of assistance as larger countries. Singapore does not give monetary aid, but has, over the past two
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Despite its belief in the necessity of ODA, Singapore recognizes the dangers that ODA sometimes poses to developing countries. The ODA loan can be attached to conditions that may be detrimental to the developing country, and the donor country may use the ODA to manipulate the recipient by threatening to withdraw the assistance the recipient country depends on. While some of these conditions may be needed in order for the loan to work as intended, often ODA is given not with the intention of aiding the developing country, but as a means of generating profit for the donor. Furthermore, ODA that LDC countries rely on is often given unpredictably, causing issues in financial management and in the creation of a stable government.

Singapore believes ODA should only be given with the goal of improving the lives of citizens in developing countries. Donors must evaluate how effective their aid will be in achieving this goal. Donors should also attempt to be more reliable in their aid. Recipients of ODA must take responsibility of their own development, and develop a strategy for reducing their dependence on foreign aid.
The UN can and should aid in the development of such a strategy, as it did with Singapore when it gained independence in
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