Influence Of English In The Japanese Language

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2. English in the Japanese language
2.1. Adaption and Integration: Influence of English on Japanese Language Use
It has been many years since English was first introduced to Japanese society. In the progress of the 19th, 20th and 21st century, the English language was a continuous but varying influence on the Japanese language and its culture. The result of this centuries long process is a Japanese language that contains more than its fair share of English loanwords.
Although most Japanese people, even those of older age, are familiar with a lot of English loanwords, this does not necessarily mean they are familiar with English. In my personal experience, I witnessed a Japanese woman struggling to find the English word for ‘elevator’, despite
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These words, which are taken from English and used functionally in Japanese conversation primarily by native speakers, often have an already existing, possible common Japanese equivalent. Therefore, these loanwords could be considered redundant and quite ‘double’ to an outsider. However, in certain situations, the English word is greatly preferred, whereas the Japanese word would stand out strangely, for reasons which will be thoroughly discussed in this section. These English loanwords in Japanese language have been dubbed ‘double loanwords’, for the sake of creating an understandable and clear term, specifically for this paper.
Notably, there are two domains where these double loanwords appear in Japanese speech; fashion and food. These domains are not coincidental, as both have been heavily influenced by foreign culture. Japanese fashion and Japanese Western style cuisine, or youshoku 洋食, are inspired largely by their French, English and American equivalents. Although these Japanese styles do originate in Western influence, they have been made their own by the Japanese fashion industry and the Japanese
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