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2.1. Influence of English in French During the Middle English period, French was the governing vernacular of England. It was the dialect of the ruling elite, in which the dialect that was being used in the court, and the dialect in which neighborly writing was composed. As a result, the Oxford English Dictionary proved that French was the primary source of loans outnumbering Latin, the second largest source which is something unbeliavable. For instance, Baugh points out as "where two dialects exist one next to the other for quite a while and the relations of the general population talking them are as close as they were in England, an impressive transference of words is "inevitable". Besides, Baugh states that "there is nothing similar to it in the past or resulting history of the dialect". While analyzing the conditions and the reasons of borrowing the languange, it is most useful to break the Modern English period into two stages, a prior and a later, with the year 1250 as the rough isolating line. Up to 1250, a number of the advances were ones that the lower classes would be acquainted with through contact with French-talking nobility (baron, noble, dame, servant, messenger, feast, minstrel, juggler, and largess). On the other hand, the biggest single group are…show more content…
Terttu Nevalainen focuses out that English was viewed as “rude” and "inexpressive" and “ineloquent”. It was very common for writers to apologize for writing in English and in preludes to unfavorably contrast their mother tongue with the Romance dialects particularly Fr. Andrew Boorde proves that seeking an apology before start writing is a kind of ritual or beliefs as it stated in his book, the first boke of the Introduction of
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