Influence Of Family Culture And Their Influence On Family, Culture, And Environment

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Research has shown that a person is shaped by the influence of their family, their culture, and their environment. As far as I could remember my parents have always been there for me, always by my side cheering me on. I am lucky to have such wonderful parents because if it weren’t for their influence, I would not be the person that I am today. My father had a rough childhood growing up in New York. His family was poor and my grandmother was not very supportive, yet despite his living conditions, my father has always persevered. He dedicated his time to reading, studying and learning which he continues to do to this day. It is his perseverance that has inspired me to be a hard worker. Every time I get stuck on a problem or am having trouble figuring something out I always rely on my dad to help me out. Though I might complain at time I still stay on track and focus on my work which shows that I will keep on going no matter how difficult the challenge may be. My father has also taught me to never give up no matter what the situation may be. If he could study while living in a rundown dingy apartment (I am assuming since my father never really described what the house was like other than that it had a huge roach infestation) then I should have no problem at all in studying in an average living environment.
My mother’s situation on the other hand was far different from my father’s. Unlike my father she grew up in decent living conditions. She had her days in which she would
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