Influence Of Female Heroines On Women Today

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Chloe Deussen Mrs. Miller English 12 6 January 2015 The Influence of Female Heroines on Women Today In the entertainment world today, comic superheroines are conveying messages to women everywhere that their powers are not limited, and they all have the ability to choose their fate. Many movies, tv shows, and comics are coming out that involve strong, independent women. This recent rise in representation has gotten out to women everywhere, and this is influencing them throughout their lives. With the rise of female comic book characters in the media, women are changing the way they see themselves and the role they play in the world. Many female comic heroes and characters have been integrated into the new comic world. These characters…show more content…
Storm was introduced into X-Men when they added a whole fleet of new heros into the team in 1975. In the 1970’s, African American women were still very much oppressed and this new character held a torch for the future. Storm, when found in Africa, is a goddess to the tribal people. Storm’s power was to control the forces of nature, all of them. When readers first see her, she is topless, with her long, unkempt hair covering her breasts. The first words that come to mind are “beautiful, odd, and different.” (D’amore) She is the embodiment of what women want to be, kind and free, yet powerful and brave. In this time, she offered a symbol of hope to those African women who didn’t know when they would get their day, and just this one small step helped along a solution to a shameful problem in society. (D’amore) In the beginning of comics, it was male-dominated and that didn’t seem like it was going to change, until Wonder Woman came along, and this fact alone makes her a massive emblem of female empowerment in the world. She was still written by a man, but it was a start of a whole new era. Wonder Woman’s story begins on an island of all women who called themselves The Amazons. The queen of The Amazons wanted a child and her tribe told her to make one out of clay, and thus, Diana AKA Wonder Woman was born. Diana was “as lovely as Aphrodite, as wise
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