Influence Of Gangs On Adolescents

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Influence of Gangs on Adolescents in America Madison M. Prettyman California State University, Fresno Criminology 120- January 1, 201 Abstract This paper discusses and analyzes three different films, Crips and Bloods, A Better Life, and Gran Torino. The films each explore the social settings of three distinct minority groups; the paper notes and describes several similarities among the groups. These include widespread poverty, discrimination from the dominant social order, and the lack of availability of normal social opportunities. The General Theory of Crime is examined and used to explain why these minority adolescents act out the way they do. This analysis is an attempt to find the reasons for why individuals choose to get involved in criminal activity instead of “living above the influence.” Finally, the paper explores potential methods to provide the support necessary for keeping juveniles away from this criminal involvement. Involvement in gang activity and juvenile delinquency is a widespread concern in the United States. Much of the time, those involved are a part of a racial minority group. This paper explores three distinct minority groups – African Americans, Hispanics, and Hmong – in an attempt to conclude why and how these individuals choose to pursue violent gang activities. Crips and Bloods, A Better Life, and Gran Torino are three films that each do an outstanding job in describing some of the causes of adolescent involvement in criminal
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