Influence Of God On The Fate Of Tess And The D ' Urbervilles

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The aim of this assignment will be to discuss the influence of God on the fate of Tess Durbeyville in “Tess and the D’Urbervilles” by analysing the use of character and theme - using evidence from the novel itself to support my conclusions. I will critically comment and analyse throughout in order to bring about an effective thesis statement – Is Tess Durbeyville a victim, not of free will or fate - but by the hands of God? With the theme of fate and free will in mind, I will look into why the characters; Alec D’Urberville, Angel Clare and Joan Durbeyville influence Tess’s choices and fate through their different Christian beliefs. I shall also look at how the Victorian period influenced the characters beliefs and actions. Hardy’s representation of God is established through many different forms of Christianity, though it offers little support with regard to heavenly justice for Tess Durbeyville. The Anglican belief (a belief practiced by the Clare’s) was established through the Broad Church where followers believed that the Church of England was a National church and therefore it was broad enough for others to join – ultimately allowing them to twist the rules. The Vicar (Parson Tringham) informs John Durbeyville of his supposed heritage (as Durbeyville is similar to another bloodline – the D’Urbervilles), but insists that there is only “A family vault in Kingsbere” (Hardy, 2002, Page 4). This small detail, however, is ignored by Durbeyville. Still influenced by old

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