Influence Of Influence On A Person 's Political Behavior

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All these political science articles seemed to come to one similar conclusion, that there is a motive that influences someone to vote whether it be some way or another. Many of the few influences tested, ranged from social pressure mailings to single based issues.The articles argue that although something can influence one to vote it cannot be the only factor that influences a person 's political behavior.
Taking into consideration findings found in the articles that there are influences that encourage people to vote, I decided to look at both parent and peer influence. For I believe parents and friends are one those many other factors. If a parent and friend votes in an election then the subject is more likely to vote in an election as The finding that sparked my interest and helped to shape my hypothesis was the political socialization in context article by Julianna Pacheco. The article focused on children living in swing states, it closely relates to family influence. What was found was children who lived in swing states grew up to become active voters. Articles like Pachecos were more relevant to my study as opposed to the single based voting article.
Background Information Millennials are defined as individuals between the ages of 18-34, or better yet those born within the years of 1982-1997. Researchers Neil Howe and William Strauss coined the term Millennial in 1987. They say that those born in 1982 and approximately 20 years after that fall under the millennial…
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