Influence Of International Culture On The Fashion Industry

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Influence of International Culture on the Fashion Industry The author’s curiosity towards the Fashion industry, and all the different sub sectors in and amongst it, was ignited at an adolescent age through the phenomenal approbation they felt for the Walt Disney motion pictures and viewing for the first time all the heroes, protagonists and villains that were featured on the animated screens wearing fabulous, flamboyant costumes and garments, that projected high fashion, couture in the most over embellished manner. Introduction The fashion industry is a multibillion global initiative, circulating around the design, manufacture, supply, marketing and retail of clothing, it is one of the most lucrative industries throughout the biosphere. It exemplifies an imperative fragment towards individuals expressing their identity. (Vidyadharghate 2015) Fashion is a replication of societal, monetary, dogmatic and cultural vicissitudes. It articulates avant-gardism, signifying the essence of the eras. (Zegheau, L 2014) Fashion, accommodates to everyone, men, women, children and infants. It can be differentiated into subdivisions; high fashion, couture, haute, mass apparel, fast fashion and ready to wear. (Steele, V 2015) Clothing allows individuals the opportunity to differentiate themselves, whilst fulfilling a chief part in the societal edifice of distinctiveness. Apparel adoptions allow people the opportunity to construe culture in their own way. Over the generations clothing has
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