Influence Of Iran Relations On Fdi During Saudi Arabia And Gulf Countries

1105 Words5 Pages The influence of Iran relations on FDI in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries According to economic report of Aleq (2007) “Disagreement between Iran and the West will not hinder the flow of investment to the Gulf” it has been confirmed that the international high tension between Iran and the Western countries not affect the ability of the oil-rich countries (GCC) to attract foreign investment. As a result of the stability of their economies and the high liquidity that they have. It has been stated in this report that, the Gulf region is in high-quality situation and is unlikely to change this condition. If it is believed that there is any risk because of the war in Iran, the projects will be retreated. Many of the foreign capital aim to enter Gulf region for investing and financing, especially from international banks, because of the economic and high commercial growth in these countries (Aleqt, 2007). In addition, it has been mentioned by Aleqt report (2207) that the Gulf States are aspirated by many of the foreign capital, many of international and western banks plan and keen to enter this market in order to finance the growth economic and participate in infrastructure. Gulf states will spend billions of dollars in the coming years. In contrast, in the case of nuclear programs, the development of nuclear weapons didn’t affect the attraction of investments in South Korea and other countries. Thus, The Iran’s nuclear programs will not affect Gulf States in

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