Influence Of Leadership On My Life

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Growing up I was always taught that every action has an equal or opposite reaction. So I knew that all of my actions had consequences and all of them influenced others. But what I didn’t always realize was that at the same time I was having others influence me by their actions which eventually shaped me into who I am today. When I think about myself as a person, I think about the variety of communities I have or do belong to that have made me who I am. One of the largest influences in my life would be my High School Leadership Class which I was apart of for three years. Working closely with a tight knit group of people and all sharing the common goal of bettering the school and community makes you realize your potential on a larger scale. Not only has leadership influenced my everyday life but it has influenced me as a writer. Leadership has given me the skills of having attention to detail, thinking outside of the box, and to work on the process which leads to the final product.

Before High School I had always had the mindset that I wanted to get involved and I did just that by getting involved with the leadership class. Leadership is a class that consists of about 25 students from freshman to seniors. For each class there was class officers and then there was also an associated study body branch that holds positions as well. The objective of my class was to teach responsibility and leadership and communication skills by organizing, planning, and completing events,
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