Influence Of Modern Western Government

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Their political structure has influenced modern Western government. The Roman language, Latin, is the root of many other languages like English, Spanish, and French.
The Roman Empire (cont.)

Formation - After the fall of the Qin Dynasty in 207 B.C., 18 separate political forces proclaimed their independence, but the Han and Chu were the most powerful out of them. In 202 B.C., Liu Bang won the Chu-Han Contention and found the Han dynasty, which ruled China for the next 400 years.
Cultural Traditions - Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism were introduced during this era. Education became important as schools were built everywhere. Public school was started and reserved for boys to learn new skills for free. Painting and calligraphy were now seen as forms of art and not as ways of making signs and letters. The invention of paper made it easier for scholars to record their ideas, thus leading to the boom in literature. Following the introduction of loom, silk soon became an important part of the Han culture and economy
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The Han Dynasty

Family Structure - Father held most power in a household. Husband played a dominant role in a marriage. Children must obey their parents and wife must obey her husband. Family was the center of social hierarchy.
Social Structure - The emperor was at the highest of the hierarchy followed by
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