Influence Of Moses On Ancient Egypt

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Derek Yuchen Zhou
19 January 2017
How did Moses Influence Jews in Ancient Egypt Have you ever wondered how a man can change a whole society? Moses was a religious figure who led the Jews out of Egypt. The story of Moses is popular throughout the world. He influenced Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moses changed the biblical history of the Middle East. Moses’s early life wasn’t so pleasant. Due to the pharaoh’s command all Hebrew children had to be drowned, Moses’s mother dropped him in the Nile river in a basket. After floating for a while, the pharaoh’s daughter picked him up decided to raise this kid. Moses grew up as an Egyptian Prince. (NewWorldEncyclopedia) After Moses grew up, he started seeing serious mistreatment
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Before he returned, God gave him powers which proved the Jews that Moses had been appointed by God. The pharaoh refused to release the slaves. So God sent ten plagues over Egypt. Moses told the pharaoh what will happen, but instead of agreeing, the pharaoh rejected and made the slaves work even harder. The ten plagues were: 1. The water of the Nile River turned into blood. 2. Lots of frogs swarmed the Nile River. 3. Every dust turned into bugs. 4. Hordes of wild animals rushed Egypt, the animals wrecked everything in their path. 5. Live stocks were cursed with deadly diseases. 6. Boils over Egypt. 7. Thunderstorms of hails dropped from the sky. 8. Locusts covered Egyptian sky and ground. 9. Egypt had three totally dark days with absolutely no light. 10. All the Egyptian firstborns were killed. The plagues climaxed during the murdering of sons of Egyptians. The pharaoh finally let the Jews leave after his own son got killed because of the last…show more content…
During this time they were fed by the power of God. They also trained themselves to become a professional army. Later they arrived at Mount Sinai, where Moses retrieved the Ten Commandments from God. He recorded it on two stone tablets. After Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he found out that the Israelites were worshipping a Golden Calf when he was gone. Moses smashed the tablets in furious. The fault is mainly Aaron’s. Aaron was sent to soothe the Israelites and keep them good. But he led them into a wrong way by letting the people drifting off and do whatever they wanted. But somehow, Aaron wasn’t chastised. After this “accident”, Moses and Aaron became separated. Later, God raised another person, Joshua, to finish what Moses didn’t do. Moses was called up to the Mount Sinai again for another 40 days. During this 40 days, Moses carved the Ten Commandments back into two new stone tablets. After Moses received the Ten Commandments again, he led the people back onto the journey to Canaan, or the “Promised Land” of God. (NewWorldEncyclopedia) The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years according to the Book of Exodus. During the journey, some people started doubting if Moses could really help them arrive at the “Promised Land” or not. The time is 40 years was because God punished the Jews for 40 days of the failed spying mission. During the 40 years, the Israelites
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