Influence Of Music On Society

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1. After reading this article give your ideas on exactly how music can influence the thinking of a society. Music is the expression of the society. People tend to share their opinion and express themselves through the music. Consequently, music become in an important way to influence the society’s thought. Music has played a fundamental role in history since man is a man.
It is used for so many things that it is almost impossible to think of them all.
It's an art we meet every day since we woke up until we went to bed. Without the music, the world would be very different. As it is used more as a symbol ritualistic to express a feeling; Without the music in history, there would have been no human feats, eternal passions, breaths of war, nor the estrangement of man as a rational animal. Music is an essential part of our life. It's part of our history and our culture. The Music helps us to understand to a greater extent the state of society at the time when it is
It originated a style or it gets fashionable. It helps us to understand the society of that time and we Influences our day-to-day life; We have a lot of influence on attitudes, moods, emotions and the actions that we sometimes carry out.
2. Give several examples from this article showing the power of music for political change. Music since it is known as music always treated issues related to the people and society, it subsequently has a wide panorama on the rulers and political tendencies.
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