Influence Of Organizational Culture On Corporate Performance

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support the proposition that organizational culture is found to be a filter through which leadership influences various performance outcomes. Human Resource Management Organizational culture affects corporate performance. Corporate culture is a deeply embedded form of social control that influences employee decisions and behavior. Culture is persistent and operates unintentionally. It is an automatic pilot directing employees in ways that are consistent with organizational expectations. Corporate culture assists the sense-making process. It helps employee understand organizational events. Employee can communicate more efficiently and reach higher level of cooperation with each other because they share common mental models of…show more content…
Human Resource requires administrator to compare job titles, skill levels together with the culture of work and remuneration to determine the contributions employees with different jobs and titles make towards accomplishing company objectives. Human resources management considers internal consistency when determining pay rates for employees who do the same work and employees who do different works in accordance with the culture on ground in the organization. The internal consistency depends on how a company is structures reflect the structure and culture of the organization. The pay structure of an organization is its range of pay rates for different jobs and skill levels within the organization (Barney, 1986). Company’s culture factors are social customs, job requirements, employee acceptance, employee knowledge and skills. The social customs of an organization do not determine wages only but the current notion of federally mandated minimum which evolve from the employee demanding a just wage which always go with the remuneration culture of the organization. The organizational culture has a positive relationship with the human resource management. However, the job requirements factors determines some jobs may require greater skills, knowledge or experience than others, this will reflect a higher pay rate. Employee acceptance employee expects fair pay rates and compares their wages with their co-workers and supervisor’s rate of pay. Employee
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