Influence Of Past And Present

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Influence of past and present. Definitely we all have our past and what we are living with is present. Past could be sweet or bitter whatever we have spent directly and indirectly influences our present. It is also said that our present is determined by our past. How we spent our childhood, environment we have grown up, education we took, family background, nature of the family members and occupations of our parents. All of those are the past variables connected with our present. That’s why our past life is considered as the direct variable of our present life, which has direct impact with where we are today. I am not talking all of the substances that the past life connection with the present. The main concern of my past influences is if we had our bad past life, how to overcome them and just take a good lesion to move forward in our life. Everyone must have gone with different situations in the past. We could have very interesting past lives as well; some of us might have spent the horrible due to certain tragedy we never want to remember that again. Whatever the past either it is sweet or bitter, past is already gone but the memory has left us with us frequently affecting our present. We have to learn to be proud for the accomplishment we made instead of regretting with the failure in the past. We have to celebrate our reward even we had a bitter time yesterday. That is already passed away and never come back but our present is more precious that we have to deserve
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