Influence Of Personality On The Domain Of Sport Performance

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Within the field of sport psychology, much research has been done on the role and influence of personality in those who partake in sport and exercise and this research has long been examined and analysed. In this essay, we will focus specifically on the influence of personality within the domain of sport performance, as well as the impact of personality on an individual’s choice of sport, focusing primarily on whether personality influences people towards more individual or team based sports. To conclude this essay, the final section will focus on the personality traits of those who take part in sports classed as high-risk. Furthermore, this essay intends to reflect on the positives and negatives that occur when applying research to sport, so that insight that is gained can be learnt and applied to this ongoing field in order to achieve continuing progress. Journal articles will be cited that focus on research on the topics previously stated in support of the arguments presented.
The term personality is a commonly used expression in daily life, but what does it actually represent? For the purpose of this essay, the five factor trait model of personality will be used, despite the preference of many within the sports psychology field to use an interactionist approach. This theory, which has its beginnings in the trait theories of Allport and Cattell, has been devised and developed throughout the years by researchers such as McCrae, Costa and Goldberg. It simply outlines that…
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