Influence Of Peter The Great

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There have been many absolute rulers that ruled societies throughout history. Some of those rulers that had power would use it to either abuse their power to control everyone and have their own rules or the rulers would enlighten their power and give the people more privileges. One ruler that enlightened his power was Peter the Great. Peter the great used his power to improve society and used ideas from the ruler before. Those ideas from the ruler before that was never used peter the great took those ideas and made the ideas happen for the people and society.
When peter the great first came into power peter the great wanted to take old ideas and improve them for him the people and society. peter the the great wanted to change how the people looked and dressed and Peter the Great made people shave their beards if they wanted to keep their beards they would have to pay a special tax in order to keep the beard. Peter wanted the people also to get rid of their old clothes and wear new clothes that were better. Peter as a ruler made sure his ideas could be perfect for him and the people and make sure his ideas were what the people wanted. One great idea Peter the Great had was finding a way to make trade available for the people because in europe at that time there was no trade available for the people and Peter the Great got
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Peter had a battle and lost that battle so Peter wanted to increase his army more. Peter the great didn't want to lose another battle so peter the great increased his men with 210,000 men. Peter the great wanted his army to be perfect so peter increased his weapons making the anything stronger which made Peters navy destroy sweden's. When Peter died the Russian society was sad because he brought so much to to Russia and made it
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