Influence Of Professional Athletes On The Lifestyle Choices Of University Of Michigan

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This study focused on determining the level of influence that professional athletes have on the lifestyle choices of University of Michigan undergraduates, particularly in the areas of politics, health and wellness, and product use. A Qualtrics survey was distributed to students via social media, email, and flyers; seventy-seven responses were analyzed. The results indicated that, overall, professional athletes have a relatively small influence on the lifestyle choices of U-M undergraduates. There is insufficient evidence to suggest that the mean difference between the level of influence professional athletes have on males and females in the areas of politics and health and wellness is statistically significant; the mean difference…show more content…
People who try to imitate their favorite athletes tend to find themselves purchasing brands in which the athletes are endorsing. The results of the study proved to be the opposite of what the researchers hypothesized. In examining whether athletes endorsing products have a major effect on student purchasing incentives of students that data that was collected did not support this trend. The data showed no real significant correlation between athletes endorsing products and college students purchasing the products. This study shows no concrete evidence that fans are encouraged to adapt to the lifestyle of professional athletes. The research conducted by Cory McAllister, proved to be foundational for this study in that it helped to provide interest in studying product use and purchasing. The Influence of Professional Athlete Philanthropy On Donations Intentions In their 2013 study, Minhong Kim and Matthew Walker investigated whether professional athletes have the ability to influence people to donate to charitable causes that the athletes support. The researchers analyzed a sample of potential donors from Orlando, Florida and its surrounding areas to determine if people were more willing to donate to a charity represented by Dwight D. Howard if they strongly identified with him (2013). They concluded that donation intention is influenced by cause involvement, one’s trust towards and image of the athlete, and their identification with the athlete (2013). From

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