Influence Of Shakespeare On English Language

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Shakespeare And The English Language William Shakespeare has influenced the English Language in many ways. Much of his work goes unseen since it is at a higher reading level and is more confusing. He uses a different way of writing, but it is fascinating and challenges the reader to interpret the reading in other ways. We also get many of our modern sayings from Shakespeare that are found in his writing. Some people may not think that Shakespeare has no impact on the English Language, but in reality we can see through the depth of his writing. Shakespeare has influenced the English Language in many ways through the depth and sincerity of his writing. Shakespeare's writing is very different compared to other authors. It is…show more content…
Shakespeare’s writing has also influenced our daily language by using the phrases he uses in his writing. We get several modern day phrases from Shakespeare’s writing. A common phrase that is used is “in a pickle” which means that one stuck or cannot find a solution. The phrase is from the play, The Tempest. Another phrase is “a wild goose chase” which means that someone sends you on a mission or task that is not existent. This phrase comes from Romeo and Juliet. We also get the phrase “be-all end-all” which is from the play Macbeth, and is used when he contemplates murdering King Duncan or not. His plays are also very popular since they incorporate drama and romance, so it reaches a larger audience. Some of his more popular writings are Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet, all have a unique story and are very popular. All of these phrases we get from Shakespeare show how he has influenced the English Language since these phrases are commonly used.
Some people just see Shakespeare as just another writer and do not have the knowledge or do not see how he has influenced the English Language. When looking at Shakespeare’s writing and by analyzing it we can see the true meaning and depth behind the text. Even though his way of writing can be confusing and complex, it’s meaning and depth has a profound message. One reason that makes Shakespeare’s writing so popular is that it incorporates many different types of interests
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