Influence Of Social Media On Consumer Decision Process Essay

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And so many marketers decided to retarget their audience taking into consideration their buying power, behaviors (54%) then the demographic data (49%). (staff, 2015) 70% of the ROI of certain products was discovered to be due to passing messages through social media. Starting using internet as an advertising platform and due to its interactive nature consumers are perceiving those ads as more informative and trustable than traditional ways. (Schlosser, A. E., Shavitt, S. & Kanfer, A., 1999). It’s believed by most of the researchers that social media is essential in each step of the consumer decision process and as marketers are interested in engaging the brand or company with the existing customers , creating brand awareness and growing their potential customers pool , social media is offering a good platform that enable 2 way flow of information which gives the company the chance to be engage with the customer from interpreting the message , searching the different alternatives and following up with them after the purchase . Moreover compared to traditional marketing where audience only receive message without interacting such as television, newspaper, magazines, social media allows a more efficient and easier flow of word-of mouth by commenting, sharing and so on and where the consumer is declaring his own opinion influenced by his experience or the experience of other consumers which may lead him to pass his liked contents and ads to his peers, families. The business
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