Influence Of The Advertising Media On Gender And Representation Of Stereotypes

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The advertising media often stereotypes gender roles either for added effects or for humor. Repeated use of these role-plays reinforces the public’s perception about how men and women should behave. This also shapes the expectations that society has towards them. The manipulation of these stereotypes by the media is an unconscious byproduct of the thinking of most men and women about what roles each gender should play. Deterministic theories emphasize that men and women evolve differently and they play distinct roles. This paper will dissect the issue of the influence of the advertising media on gender perceptions and representation of stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes in advertising media
The advertising media is a powerful tool for passing messages and when it comes to gender issues, it can influence behavior. For instance, the common adage that ‘boys will always be boys’ is a byword for male playfulness, aggressiveness and encourages boys to be outgoing and daring. Girls on the other hand, are represented as pretty creatures that should not get muddy but are always clean. When bombarded with such subtle messages, the narrative of male machoism and women beauty slowly takes shape in the minds of the populace.
Gender identity
Gender identity is the sense male and females have regarding their different roles and expectations in the social set-up. According to Pollitt, children begin developing a sense of gender by the age of two years through the
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