Influence Of The Black Plague On Europe

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Adriana Thompson
Hailey Kelson
Skye Walsh
AP European History

Analyze the influence of the Black Plague on the economic activity in Europe from 1350-1400.

The economy dropped severely from 1350-1400 and one of the many reasons was from the Black Plague. It infected so many people and got them sick, the agriculture was failing, and 25,000,000 people died.

The Black Plague infected more than 60% of the population. The people got ill and weren’t able to go out and do their jobs and buy things. Because of no one working and purchasing things the economy plummeted. The economy should be balanced and stabilized, but with everyone being too sick to go out and do their jobs and and spend money, the economy crashed.

The little ice age caused the crops to not grow. No food is growing, therefore no one is spending money to buy food. The amount of people was double the amount of food. See the problem there? Not enough food equals death and sickness, that also contributed with the Black Death. In conclusion, no crops were growing and thus nothing was to buy and it impacted the economy severely.

Another reason the Black Plague affected the economy was how so many people died. The continent had enjoyed some 200 years of prosperity, and then 70 of cold. Result: too little food for too many people. By 1350 one-third of them, especially in the swollen cities, would be dead. In Europe in three or four years, 50 million people died. The population was reduced from some 80 million to
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