Influence Of The Body Features Of Barbie On The Ideal Feminine Body

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The Influence of The Body Features of Barbie on The Ideal Feminine Body I. Introduction: Manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Barbie has become the most famous and popular doll in the world. She has conquered more than 150 countries and over one billion Barbie dolls have been sold around the world since they were launched. Barbie is a young beautiful blonde who is rich and highly-skilled. Mattel claims that she can do more than 150 jobs and buy anything she wants, including clothes, convertible cars and houses. She works as a feminine model, telling girls that they are not worse than boys and that they can be even more successful in their careers. However, people question the anthropometry of Barbie, raising…show more content…
Studies made by Suzanne Ive compares girls exposed to images of Barbie dolls with girls exposed to images of Emme dolls that represent a more realistic body shape. They find that "very young girls experience heightened body dissatisfaction after exposure to Barbie doll images but not after exposure to Emme doll (or neutral control) images (Ive, 290)." Therefore, the evidence suggests that the body shape of Barbie does affect girls ' view of their bodies. Because girls admire Barbie 's unattainable body shape, they become disappointed at their own bodies. Some people argue that children will not be influenced if they realize that Barbie is just a toy. This is true. As they grow old, children forget those toys with which they used to play, including Barbie dolls. Therefore, a simple toy is not going to influence a person 's mind too much. However, the anthropometry of Barbie represents a widespread stereotyped view of beauty in our society: thinner is better. In Am I Thin Enough Yet?, Sharlene Hesse-Biber describes a girl who crazily lost weight by dieting, vomiting and endlessly exercising (Rothenberg, 547). The girl does so because it is commonly admitted that a thin woman is always prettier and more attractive to men than a fat woman. This is similar to racism. "Racism is not about how you look, it is about how people assign meaning to how you look (Kelley, 2003)." People thought that white skin was better so white people used to be considered

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