Influence Of The Climate On Architecture

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2.7. Indoor the Environment

2.7.1. Influence of the climate on architecture

The prevailing local climate has always influenced building methods or architecture in general. It is therefore understandable that building typologies found around the world are very divers. Humans created protection from the climate by building shelters that were adapted to the climatic conditions they were in. The home, often very simple in its construction, and storage areas for food and other live-sustaining goods - often of higher priority to the community-attest to this principle.
A building, like the human body, is constantly undergoing a heat exchange process with the outdoor environment: the building envelope is the device through which this process can be controlled. The ways buildings gain and lose heat must be examined, and methods of thermal comfort must be developed in order to assurea satisfactory performance, keeping in phase with the changing seasons.
The flow of heat by conduction through walls, floors, ceilings and windows may occur in either direction. Convective heat loss, particularly through glazed areas, accounts for a considerable part of the winter heating load in residential buildings. Heat exchange by convection occurs by the movement of air between surfaces of different temperatures. Unintentional air infiltration is probably the most important component of residential heating loads. Ventilation, on the other hand, is a useful means of maintaining comfort conditions…
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