Influence Of The Modern Sports Industry

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Different societies have different standards dictating how people should dress, eat, and how their bodies should look. Recently, in developed countries, societies promote enhancement supplements and medications in their standards for what its members should aspire to use. Because of this, men face increasingly more pressure to take these products so they can comply with social norms. The modern sports industry shows this increasing trend in male consumption of supplements. In 2013, 45% of collegiate male athletes in a study reported using some sort of nutritional supplement during their training (Darvishi). This supports the idea that in modern American advertisements, advisors place increasingly more pressure on men to take synthesized…show more content…
The advertisers intentionally include a bland background so viewers focus on the only other figure present in the photograph: a lone man wearing gym clothes. The advertisement does not show the man’s face, but does display his physique clearly. The man is large and muscular, and he appears to flex his muscles to show their outlines clearly. The absence of the man’s face in the image shows how the advertisers portray the man’s physique as the primary focus of the image by stripping the man of a unique identity, therefore mystifying him. By making his identity irrelevant, the advertisement seeks to present the man as the standard for physical perfection that all men should seek to achieve. The words used in the advertisement also aim to present the man as a dominant figure. The advertisers intend for two words to stand out. They bold, underline, and completely capitalize the words “BOSS IT” in the upper right hand dominant corner of the advertisement. By telling men to “boss” their workout, the advertisers appeal to the traditional image of the dominant male figure. The advertisement tells men to “Walk in. Tear it up. Walk away.” These words further imply that men should dominate their work out, however, by also telling them to simply walk away, the advertisers imply that the supplement will allow men to “tear up” their workout in a casual and effortless manner. This will allow men to “walk away” in the same way the man shown in the advertisement walks away, without even
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