Influence Of The On Sex Education

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influenced the public in that way until he died at 1970. After Culture Revolution in 1949, talking about sex is regarded as taboo and removed from the public (Steinfeld, 2014). Even homosexuality was considered as a crime until 1997 and a mental illness until 2001.
Culture influences
China was culturally influenced by Confucius. There is one saying that goes: “Lust is the worst of all wicked things; Filial piety is the best of all good things (Steinfeld, 2014).” According to Steinfeld’s (2014) opinion, Chinese tend to discuss sex more privately and schools focused more on exams than sex educations. Unlike the complete grading systems and textbooks in different subjects, there’s no specific subject that would cover sex education. In addition, schools are not required to have sex education courses, especially when parents think it will waste youths’ time on studying. When both of these authoritative figures, schools and parents, show less interest or even negative feelings about sex education, adolescents in high schools naturally pay less attention to sex related topics.
Not only influenced by Confucius, two culturally distinctive moral systems were found to regulate college-aged students’ sexual behaviors in China (Zhou, Zeng, & Hu, 2014). The first system is the Basic Sexual-Moral Principles that includes sense of ethics and responsibility in their sexual attitudes. Researchers found out that no matter whether participants have had premarital sex or not, participants
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