Influence Of The Uprising On The Western Front

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In 1954 after the Fsaw was formed, the Defiance Campaign had died out. In other words, it had not necesarillly failed, however ther government had controlled the defiance and ws introducing even more of its apartheid measures. The Congress Allience began to organize the Congress of People, even though most a women including Ray Alexander were banned and had to separate from the groups. In august 1954 the Congress of Aliance asked the FSAW to help in forning the Congress of People and this resultedin positive willingness from both parties. They held several house meetings and this led to a great success with an opening in 1955. In September 1955 the uprising protest of the burden of passes for women became a very important concern to the ANCWL and FSAW, but most generally for the black woman across the nation. (Walker, 1991)…show more content…
The three thousand representatives who gathered at Kliptown on 25 and 26 June 1955 were workers, peasants, intellectuals, women, youth and students of all races and colour. The Congress of People represent one of the most influential events in the rich history of South Africa. It adopted the Freedom Charter, which was an idea of a better country for all races and genders. After all the struggle, the members of the Congress Alliance agreed to the Freedom Charter. Thus the Freedom Charter became the common program protecting the hopes and aims of all the liberal people of South Africa. (Dubow, S. The African National Congress. Jonathan Ball. Johannesburg.
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